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Exonerate Me, Remove Nicholas, Heal the Ministry (Dec 20, 2021)

Prayer Request:
=11pt=12.0ptIn my ministry, I have been suspended for insubordination with pay. Reason: I repented in an email to all the employees of private conversations I had had that were negative about the President (initiated by others), and clarified that she is highly qualified and called by God. Many speak bad about the President or leadership, but NO ONE repents publicly and denounces it. I’m one of the hardest workers in the ministry, often working through weekends, going above and beyond. Pray that God will show me how to PROVE that I am NOT insubordinate, and that I am the complete opposite of insubordinate! I’ve been labeled this way because of a man named Nicholas who has a demonic stranglehold on the ministry, and has been ruthlessly trying to destroy me and my reputation, mostly for doing the right things well and working hard at it. He slandered me to all the leadership repeatedly. He is a violent man, and I believe he has tried to attack me. The Lord is showing me that after going through the hoops for my re-entrance, I need to send a powerfully-worded, blazing email to all employees designed to clear my name and get Nicholas removed. Pray for the outcome, not the process. I don’t know how to word it yet. PRAY HARD for me for the wisdom, direction and words to write that email in the most powerful, the most effective way imaginable, with the outcome of exonerating me, removing Nicholas. Pray for wisdom to write this so the outcome is absolutely sure and guaranteed; for God’s most excellent, exceptional, exemplary and impressive outcomes to be fulfilled through that email, leading to major healing, transformation and deliverance for the ministry. Thanks.

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